Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today I went to a gluten-free meetup at Turley's in Boulder. Meeting with other gluten-free/intolerant/celiacs was a good experience. Kind of like a support group. Discussing the similar challenges we've had with adapting to this diet was helpful.

I realized that it is for my own good to be assertive about my dietary restrictions when eating out or at a social event. I have a tendency to not want to be a bother. I often allow the questioning of others to convince me that I am exagerating the effects of gluten.

It is hard sometimes to really know what is the truth because there is not a strict guideline for labeling or a standardized test. The only way you can really know if there is gluten in something is to feel the reaction in your own body. And no one with celiac wants to do that on purpose.

As we cut the gluten out we become more and more sensitive to it as time goes on. Our bodies start to send us signals within a bite or two. We learn from the accidental glutening what it feels like and are reminded of what we used to feel like all the time but never noticed it because we never got away from gluten long enough to feel anything else.

I also realized today that I may be reacting to dairy products. I try to limit dairy but have not cut it out entirely. Going off of dairy may improve my health and its time to give it a 30 day trial. Tomorrow will be Day 1.

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