Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ready to Start my Life at Age 40!

I recall from my youth that women's lives seemed to be over at 40. There was always that dreaded "4-0" birthday approaching. Women were considered old and over-the-hill upon reaching this milestone.

Things have changed since then, thank goodness. As I approach my 40th birthday in a few weeks, I am getting ready to celebrate. After being gluten-free for a year now, I am finally ready to LIVE!

Without going too much into the depressing details, suffice it to say that I have suffered on multiple levels from undiagnosed Celiac disease for the majority of my life. I have still managed to accomplish quite a bit, but have always felt that something was holding me back. I have researched, fought and struggled to discover the answer or cure for my ailments so that I can finally live up to my potential. My goal is to feel 40 and fabulous on my birthday and wipe the slate clean of all the Ghosts from Gluten's Past!